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Mar 28, 2018

Chances are, if you're listening to this podcast, you know what it's like to be unhappy with your body. But there's a difference between wishing we could lose a few (or maybe a lot of) pounds and feeling like we have to lose those pounds.

When we feel like we have to lose weight to be acceptable, not only do we have a...

Dec 6, 2017

Michele thought she would never be able to lose her weight again, but God helped her lose it with help from Kimberly Taylor's Take Back Your Temple program and the renewing of her mind. Join us on today's podcast as we here about Michele's journey.

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Nov 15, 2017

New Taste for Truth Online Bible Study begins December 5, 2017. See Online Bible Study page on, for details.

In today's podcast episode, Helen shares how she lost 116 pounds and kept it off for 7 years and still going with God's help. 

Helen is an author, speaker, First Place 4 Health Health...

Jul 19, 2017

Today I'm excited to have Meg Fisher on the podcast. Meg is an online holistic nutritionist and personal trainer who is going to school to become a naturopathic doctor. She works one on one with women to help them overcome emotional eating.

She also has her own story of how God broke her free from emotional eating from...

May 24, 2017

Today I'm excited to have Sarah Francois on the podcast. Sarah will be talking about how she lost weight with God's help, using three meals and two snacks for boundaries and the Taste for Truth Bible study to renew her mind.

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